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9/24/2014 Congratulations to Ms. Tatiana Saint Louis and Ms. Nathalie for winning this week free giveaway on Levanjiltv2 (2x $50 Visa Gift Card) Thanks again for the support.

9/12/2014 Hello everyone here’s this week free giveaways. This week we will have two (2) $50 Visa Gift Card you can use anywhere they accept credit or debit card for you, or you and one of your friends.

The giveaways will be given to the first person who create two (2) albums of 20 pictures each of themselves and invite a new person from a different state or country which they live in to create a full profile and also create 2 albums of 20 pictures of themselves each also. They will add one picture of the other in each of the albums and tag them on it.

Some people love posting pictures and in fact many have thousands on other social medias so this week it shouldn’t be too hard, all some will need to do is transfer them. The giveaways are already here and will be given to the first come first serve. Please inbox me (Levanjiltv Rubin) once you done. Thanks everyone for being part of Levanjiltv2

(To create the album on your app or cell phone go to the top menu and scroll all the way down to media, then album, then option, then add album, type the album name then create album, then upload pictures. Same process for the second album and have the friend do the same too.

For desktop click on your name it will take you to your profile, then media, then album, then option, then add album, type album name then create album, then upload the 20 pictures. Same process for the second album and have the friend do the same too.)


Congratulation to Ms Diana Isabelle Estriplet for winning the very first Levanjiltv2 weekly giveaway which is $100 Macy’s Gift Card. She had invited:
1) Diana Striplet
2) Daphnee Abdon
3) Stephanie Estriplet
4) Dina philidor
5) Elimene Exume



AS OF SATURDAY AUGUST 8TH 2014 “This Week Giveaway” Hey everyone we have a $100 Macys gift card in stock ready to ship to the user who invite 5 people to the site. First come first serve. 5 people need to create an account under your invitation, add their profile picture and post at least one status. Whoever inbox “levanjiltv Rubin” say that they have succeeded in inviting those 5 people, we will check them to make sure they’re real people and you will get the $100 Macys gift Card. Good luck and don’t despair if you don’t win this week, we will have another giveaway next week God willing around this time. We will let everyone know if and who win it as soon as it is confirm. Offer Expires 8/17/2014 Lets go…


Hello Levanjiltv2 friends and thank you for joining our social media!
We are please and grateful that you are part of this network and we would like to show our users our appreciation for joining.

There are many social media out there that are making billions of dollars on you but none of them think of giving back to their users; here we will do things a little differently.

Every week we will have a free giveaways to the user(s) who’s willing to gain them so please check this link (Free Giveaways) every week to see if you can be the winner of the week.

This week giveaway will be announced very soon please stay tuned:
Remember first come first serve so be ready it will be worth it. If you don’t get it this week don’t worry there will always be next week.

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